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We are committed to providing CertaUPS solutions through our reseller partners and distribution channels. Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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Definition: An organisation that intends to sell UPS systems onto an end user.

As a reseller you have the option to purchase from one of our premier UK distributors, if you choose not to, that’s fine but you may be missing out on some better pricing. You do not need to be a CertaUPS partner to buy directly from us.

For further information please contact us directly on 03333 130251

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Our Premier UK Distributing Partners

Our distributing partners have been carefully selected to cover a broad range of sectors and applications. CertaUPS provides industry leading support and discounts which are passed through the entire channel.

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Benefits of purchasing through our premier distributing partner

Industry Knowledge

CertaUPS works extremely closely with its reseller partners and shares with them its 200 years of combined technical and sector experience. As an end user you will benefit from a solutions approach to purchasing – ensuring that you not only invest in UPS systems to meet your current requirements but also those in the future. In addition, a VAR will look at your complete operation, so that any solution supports all critical power loads.

Complete Solution

As part of the CertaUPS partner program we fully support all our reseller partners with unlimited sales and technical support. This allows our VAR partners to offer its customers affordable products, service and maintenance.

Better Pricing

All CertaUPS partners receive industry leading commercial advantages, which they are able to pass onto their customers.

Benefits of becoming a partner

Industry Knowledge

All CertaUPS partners receive regular onsite UPS technology and market analysis training. This ensures that all partners can expertly position the CertaUPS product range alongside a wide range of applications or even competitor products. CertaUPS partners also receive unlimited access to the CertaUPS sales and technical teams.

Commercial Advantages

In addition to our impressive partner discounts, we also offer appealing rebate schemes that have been designed to incentivise partners to support CertaUPS and deliver sales related added discounts. Depending on spend, partners can also benefit from free shipping.

Sales Support

CertaUPS has developed a range of quoting tools, which as a partner, you will be given immediate access to. Should any of partners need further support, the CertaUPS sales team is available around the clock to provide assistance in specifying and quoting of individual units through to full tender and proposal requirements.

Marketing Tools

Throughout your partnership with CertaUPS you will receive ongoing marketing support in the form of cobranded emarketing, collaborative social media, unique product offers and tailored sales ‘drives’ to not only support product sales growth but also to motivate internal sales teams.

CertaUPS Prestige Partner

Available globally through accredited partners

CertaUPS has a rapidly growing global partner network. Recognising not just the quality and superior performance of the CertaUPS backup power product range, CertaUPS Partners also benefit from leading commercial advantages.